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Here are some of our customers most frequent asked questions about our service. If we don't answer your question(s), please call us at 312.786.2288 or use our contact us form. Use the quick reference guide or scroll through the questions below.

FAQ Quick Reference Guide

Service FAQ's

What is Cometís service hours?

Customers can submit orders through our online order entry or over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We alsways have a liver person to talk to if you have any questions or concerns regarding a delivery. Questions for our administrative staff.  We are available Monday through Friday from 08:00AM until 5:00PM (CST).

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What types of same day service do you offer?

Comet offers you 4 levels of service based on your needs: Streak as fast as 45 minutes, Priority within 1.5 hours, Emergency within 4 hours and Budget Same Day Service by 6:pm. Learn more about our services by clicking here.

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What is Cometís service area?

We service the following locations: Chicago Metropolitan Area: Downtown Chicago and suburbs, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Iowa - West Coast: Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Orange County, Fresno, San Diego, Palo Alto and Seattle. - Out of Town Deliveries: We also offers delivery to any city in the U.S.A. on a Same Day or Next Day basis. Rates are provided upon request.

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Same Day Service vs. Overnight Delivery?

Depending on your needs, Same Day Delivery can be less than Overnight Delivery. Distance and deadlines can determine the rates. Plus, it will get there that day vs. the next day.

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What is the cut-off time for same day service?

Same day is available all the time. Rates may vary due to the time the order is placed. View the rate schedule here.

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Do you offer courier service on the weekends?

Yes .. Comet offers car service for Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. View the rate schedule here.

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What type of vehicles do you offer?

We provide various types of vehicles depending on the size, weight and distance of the delivery. We offer bike messengers for the Chicago Loop Area, Cars, Wagons/SUVís, Mini Vans, Cargo Vans and Sprinter Vans. Learn more about the size and weight limits for all vehicles here.

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What other services do you offer?

In addition to our same day courier services we offer other custom services such as Scheduled Deliveries, Distribution and Trucking, Restaurant Delivery Services and Recycling Services. Please call us with any questions 312.786.2288.

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Account FAQ's

Do I need an account to schedule an order?

No .. you can schedule an order and secure payment with a credit card.  Place an order by clicking the pay with credit card option on the login page.

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What is the benefitís for creating an account?

There are many benefits to creating an account.

1) Receive the full benefits to our online order entry:

- Print Package Labels: Once you place your order, simply print labels for your package(s).

- Delivery Tracker: Pack it! Track it! Know where your package is all the time. Real-time knowledge of where your package is.

- Get A Quote: Find out how much your order will cost before placing your order. Simply enter your package details and get a real-time quote.

- Signature Confirmation: Once the delivery has been made, confirm the signature of the recipient.

- Analysis Reports: Run an analysis report on your deliveries, so you can create future budgets.

- Address Book: As you enter your most common delivery locations, save them into your address pick for simple and easy use.

2) Billing: 

We usually invoice on a weekly basis but have the ability to set customers up on bi weekly or monthly billings if preferred.

3) Paperless Statements: 

You can choose to that we will bill you via email as opposed mailing your invoice.

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Can I pay my invoice(s) with a Credit Card?

Yes, Comet Messenger accepts Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Please contact us at 312.786.2288 to learn more.

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I have an account, does this mean i'm registered for online order entry?

No .. if you have always called to schedule a delivery in the past, an online order account has never been set up for you, you will need to set up one by clicking here.

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Rates FAQ's

How do you calculate delivery rates?

Delivery rates are determined by a combination of a factors. We take into account the distance of the delivery, when delivery needs to be delivered by, type of vehicle necessary for the delivery, and the personnel needed to make the delivery. You can view our rate sheets: Chicago Rates or Suburban Rates

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How can I save money on my deliveries?

A couple of ways. 1) Have your package ready for pick-up by 11:00 am and the package will be delivered by 5pm that day. 2) Use a bike messenger. Service provided for the Chicago Loop area only.

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Is my package/delivery insured?

Yes .. all shipments are automatically insured for $50, unless a greater value is declared. However, an additional insurance is available at a cost of $1.50 per $100 of value. Note: Customers must request additional insurance at the time the order is placed.

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Placing Orders FAQ's

How can I schedule a delivery?

There are a few ways to schedule a delivery. 1) If you have recurring needs, you can create an account with us and use our online order entry system. Create your account by clicking here. 2) You can also place delivery orders by using a credit card by clicking here. 3) You can also call 312.786.2288 to talk to a team member and they can place one for you.

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Can I place an order with a credit card?

Yes! You can easily schedule a delivery with a credit card without having an existing account. An order confirmation will be emailed to you with you package details. Place a credit card order here.

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How can I track a delivery?

You can track your order online by clicking here and entering your control# and email address or delivery zipcode to track your orders.

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What packaging is required?

Parcels should be fully packaged to avoid damage to goods in transit. The Customer remains responsible for ensuring packaging and labeling is adequate for shipping. The driver will use his own discretion as to whether the parcel is adequately packaged and is at liberty to refuse collection should he feel it is not packaged sufficiently and could be damaged in transit.

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What if I can't stay in all day?

We can either collect from a work address or goods can be left in a safe place. If you choose to leave the goods, please advise us in advance by stating in the special instructions as to where the parcel will be left. Alternatively leave a note for the driver with these instructions giving authorization for the driver to uplift in your absence. Please be aware that customers do this at their own risk.

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