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Online Order System

Much more than just an order taker.

Comet's online order entry system is quick and easy! Our system offers much more features than just placing an order. Check out what Comet Connect Technology offers.

Restaurant Delivery Service

An Important Part of Your Team

Comet’s Restaurant Delivery Service specializes in direct from restaurant food delivery within the Chicago downtown area. Comet prides itself on offering fast delivery, environmentally friendly courier transportation, and excellent customer service.

Restaurant Delivery Service Benefits

Let our restaurant delivery service concentrate on your deliveries while you concentrate on your restaurant.

  • Customized service and pricing to fit your restaurant’s delivery needs.

  • “Peddle Power” utilizing bicycles allows for a lower delivery cost and is Green friendly.

  • Control your overhead with an experienced staff only when you need it.
Restaurant Delivery Service Program

Downtown Deliveries:

Delivery service available to thousands of your customers within Chicago’s downtown area.

Well Equipped:

We are equipped with insulated, cargo equipment, that can safely transport the largest of orders.

Dedicated Delivery Staff:
Your restaurant will be supplied with an experienced, dedicated delivery staff.
Online Ordering:

Order entry system allows for you to enter your orders online and will be sent directly to your dedicated delivery staff.

Online Reporting:
Generate your own reports and status of your deliveries online.
Billing Options:
Choice of billing method. (Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)

Free Marketing:
Complimentary menu/flyer canvassing